7 Types of Flowers that are Suitable for Planting in Your Home Garden

Flowers that have striking colors will give a refreshing positive feel
Flowers that have striking colors will give a refreshing positive feel

The condition of a good and healthy house is not only reflected in every room inside.

Instead, it actually radiates from the outside of the house, such as in the park.

Some studies have found that good garden conditions will have a positive impact on a person’s psychological and mental state, where all negative emotions due to monotonous activities in the room can be overcome.

Therefore, you are advised to pay attention to the state of the park at home seriously.

Even better if you fill the home garden with a variety of flower choices that have striking colors. This will give a refreshing positive feel.

Well, below, we have prepared a number of recommendations on the types of flowers that can be selected for Mama to plant in a garden in your home.

Let’s peek together and enjoy the beauty!

1. Canterburry Bells

Canterbury Bells
Canterbury Bells

This type of flower does not belong to the category of perennial bellflower plants.

Even so, its beauty can certainly be timeless. This classic British flower has a unique character, where the flowers are oval in shape and resemble a container whose edges have a beautiful texture.

When touched, Mama will feel the softness of the very fine layer of flowers. Then, some bright color choices, such as pink, white, and purple will be a sweetener that refreshes the eyes.

This beauty will not be hidden among other plants because the flower stem has a height of 1-3 feet from the ground.

So, enjoy the look!

2. Forget-me-not Flower

Forget me not Flower
Forget me not Flower

With a unique name that is Forget-me-not Flower, this type of Myosotis flower does indeed have a beauty that is hard to forget by anyone who sees.

As we know, it is very rare for us to find flowers that have a perfect blue color and this is the main advantage of Forget-me-not Flower.

Plus, this rare flower in fact really likes the full sun. So, the beauty will certainly be more radiated during the day.

What a good view for days, right?

3. Foxglove


One more type of flower that has a unique character with a longitudinal container, Foxglove.

In particular, this type of Digitalis flower has a shape that resembles a dangling trumpet.

Foxglove has an impressive beauty through a variety of bright colors on the flower layer, namely yellow, pink and purple.

Not only humans will be attracted, this flower is referred to as one of the types of flowers that attract the attention of some animals, such as butterflies.

This is because the size of the flower is fairly large with long green leaves and flower stalks which reach a height of 5 feet from the ground.

Very good to be used as a partial shade from sunlight for small animals.

4. Hollyhock


If you think that some of the previous flowers are high enough to be used as a choice of flowers whose beauty will be clearly visible from a distance, you must know Hollyhock flowers first.

This flower has a very high stem size that reaches more than 6 feet. As a result, the appearance of charming Hollyhock flowers will be very visible.

In particular, the beauty of colors is the main choice, such as red, pink, purple, white, and green.

Interestingly, each color is represented by two types of Hollyhock flowers, namely double and single flowers.

So unique, huh!

5. Lunnaria Annua

Lunnaria Annua
Lunnaria Annua

Interesting facts from the Lunnaria Anua flower are another name known as Honesty Flower.

The other name reflects that the flowers that usually grow in the middle of the annual season have a very clear physical appearance.

With a thin flower shape and four branches, the prominent purple color is called the main beauty.

6. Matthiola


Flowers are not only known for their beauty that radiates through an impressive outer appearance.

Conversely, flowers also reflect their unique character from the radiant aroma.

In particular, Matthiola’s flowers have almost the same physical shape as Lunnaria Annua, but with far more color choices, such as white, pink, lavender, yellow and deep reds.

The flower with another name is Stock Flower which is referred to as a flower that produces a very strong scent, but a little spicy fragrance accent.

The accent will smell at night, where Mama and family have rested.

As a recommendation, Mama can choose Matthiola longipetala and Matthiola Incana which are the two popular types of Matthiola flowers.

7. Dianthus Barbarus

Dianthus Barbarus
Dianthus Barbarus

Having a little spicy accent on the resulting aroma like Matthiola, Dianthus Barbarus is also one of the interest types that are in demand.

This flower with another name Sweet William has the character of a neat growth physically.

With grass growing along with the Dianthus Barbarus flower, this flower grows in a low size and has a flat head position.

The resulting color is very eye-catching, namely red, purple and pink.

Guess what? Its beauty will continue to be seen because this type of flower tends to bloom always in late spring to summer.

Now, you already know about a number of flower choices that are suitable for gardening at Mama’s house, right?

Come on, start planting fun in the yard to create the beauty of the coveted garden!

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